About the Project

The Doctoral Network RepState aims to train a new generation of innovative scientists in biochemistry and biophysics to address central questions in biology concerning the mode of action of critical DNA Repair proteins that act as state machines.

RepState consists of a highly collaborative consortium consisting of 11 participants coming from academia, industry and the creative sector, representing the natural sciences as well as the social sciences. Participating laboratories in RepState are part of established research schools within renowned research organizations and universities. This  environment of excellence offers a multidisciplinary PhD program to 13 young researchers, through training in the fundamental chemical and physical principles that underlie biology and human health. In addition, training will focus on method development using technology and experience provided by the academic participants as well as by the two small technology-driven companies.

Training incorporates a local program, rotations within partner laboratories, exposure to the non-academic sector and annual meetings. Fellows will follow scientific workshops, courses in transferable skills and career development, and will disseminate and communicate their projects to a diverse audience in close collaboration with the creative sector. The RepState fellows will form a new generation of mature and innovative European scientists with a thorough understanding of fundamental quantitative principles underlying biology, with experience in technique development, career perspectives in multiple sectors and an understanding of the importance of the role of fundamental science for society and human health. 

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Our approach acknowledges: (1) the complexity of DNA repair in the cellular environment, (2) the extensive crosstalk that we know exists between different repair pathways and (3) that the proteins involved almost always act in macromolecular complexes as opposed to in isolation.

The overarching aim of our network is to acquire and synthesize new mechanistic insights into DNA repair proteins to provide a systems level description of DNA repair.

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RepState is training a new generation of interdisciplinary biochemists and biophysicists to appreciate how new technologies can be combined to generate novel insights and how the fundamental physical and chemical properties of molecules relate to their behavior within a living cell.


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