RepState: DNA Repair State Machines

We are training a new generation of innovative scientists in biochemistry and biophysics of DNA Repair.

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The RepState research program addresses individual DNA Repair State Machines in the MMR, NER and TC-NER pathways, their interdependencies, and their collective action ensuring efficient DNA repair, using the relevant human as well as the accessible E.coli systems as model


The RepState Training Programme consists of three major parts:

  • Training through Research experimental work on Individual Research Projects,
  • Local training, and 
  • A coherent Network-wide Workshop Programme. 

News and Event

The Network participants will regularly publish their results, present their results at international conferences (i.e. Gordon Conferences on DNA Repair), and at specialized meetings on methodology development. Follow our news!

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Open positions

Most of the positions are already filled. We are still  seeking 2 highly motivated fellows eager to pursue a career in science, obtain a PhD abroad and work in one of the three-years research projects we are offering under the the ITN- Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions call of the European Commission. Start your career as a scientist!

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